AMA: How to Successfully Transition from Cloud Computing, Client/Server Technology and Financial System v1.0 to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech and Finanicial System v2.0

Michael Stollaire
Nov 8, 2017

Please join me for my first AMA, to discuss the Blockchain Bulldozer on the horizon, on its inexorable journey towards us, and how I personally got BEHIND it in a proactive fashion. It's time to embrace change. Don't fear it. If you currently live in the now-legacy world of Cloud Computing, Client/Server Technology and Financial System v1.0, let's talk about how you can race towards the future of Blockchain.

https://twitter.com/MichaelStollair https://www.facebook.com/TBISICO/

Official Websites: http://www.ehiinsm.com and http://www.tbis.io https://www.facebook.com/michael.stollaire.92

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Can you recommend me a good book about this topic?

Nov 12, 11:42AM EST0

You bet I can. The best book can be found The Best Intro Ethereum Book that Exists. To me, it was a total paradigm-shift, and literally changed my life, personally!

Nov 12, 11:44PM EST0

What are some drawbacks to investing cryptocurrency/bitcoin?

Nov 9, 9:24PM EST0

Well, just like most investments, short-term day trading is not recommended, even for the seasoned investor. Cryptocurrency is quite volatile, more volatile than NASDAQ small-capitalization stocks, for instance. It is not unusual to see 20%+ increases and decreases in a 24-hour period, and unlike the NYSE, there is no bell that rings, indicating that the trading day is over. Cryptocurrency is being traded 24x7x365, which is why some people sell before going to bed, cut on sleep, or use automatic trading robots that take action while you are sleeping. There is an intimate relationship between risk and reward, however. Witness the rise in the price of "The World Computer," Ethereum this year. Starting at a price of $4/ETH, it is now over $320/ETH and climbing after the failed attempt at the SegWit2x Bitcoin hard-fork.

Nov 9, 9:34PM EST0

I see. I've been hearing about this for months and it bubbles. I would need some research location applicability wise. But, thank you for clarifying.

Nov 10, 4:44AM EST0

Is crypto currency legalized? Are bitcoins a safe investment?

Nov 8, 1:20PM EST0

It depends what country you are talking about, and if you include something called Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which have been banned temporarily in both Korea and China, so that these countries can regulate them, and in the USA, ICOs are considered a security, etc. However, with these caveats, cryptocurrency is totally legal (I would not involve myself or my businesses in illegal activity, after all!) and yes, in my opinion, if you are not investing in Bitcoin right now, you are making a grave error, as when mass adoption hits, the law of supply and demand will take over, as there can only be 21 Million Bitcoin "minted," so it's a deflationary currency, not an inflationary currency like FIAT, e.g., the US Dollar, etc. In short, $7,000 for one (1) Bitcoin will look, very, very cheap after mass adoption occurs. I would highly encourage anyone interested in cryptocurrency to watch the following two excellent documentaries: "The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin" and "Banking on Bitcoin."

Nov 8, 1:57PM EST0

Are you agreeable to the idea of replacing money with e-currency? Do you think this will happen in the near future?

Nov 8, 4:16AM EST0

I am not only agreeable, but consider myself to be a blockchain/cryptocurrency/fintech evangelist. My goal is to educate others, so that mass adoption occurs as fast as possible. Replacement of FIAT money with cryptocurrency is a matter of time. I am 100% supporting it.

Nov 8, 1:11PM EST0

What is your current net worth?

Nov 7, 9:45PM EST0

I had to provide this not too long ago to JP Morgan Chase, because of my becoming part of their Private Client VIP services, including my treasured Palladium Card. I believe I tipped the scales at just over $10 Million at that time, but has increased since then, just to give you a ballpark idea.

Nov 7, 9:50PM EST0

Do you have a business degree?

Nov 7, 8:18PM EST0

Remarkably, as I told someone else, I have neither a business degree or a technology degree, but through sheer persistence I accomplished everything I wanted and more, just the same. What I usually say is this: "If you have a big enough reason WHY, you will figure out HOW." I have found that intelligence, how connected someone is, how much pull someone has, how much talent someone has is essentially meaningless. It is the people that set their goals in front of them, and say that I will do whatever it takes that succeed.

Nov 7, 8:49PM EST0

Where are you based out of?

Nov 7, 5:53PM EST0

Los Angeles, California, USA

Nov 7, 6:14PM EST0

What sector is your business expertise in?

Nov 7, 3:30PM EST0

Information Technology: Enterprise Management, Cybersecurity and now, Blockchain.

Nov 7, 4:09PM EST0

Did you go to school for this?

Nov 7, 3:18PM EST0

This is a great question, as most people assume that with my level of success, I must have gone to school as a Computer Science major. However, I was a Psychology major, and my technology career was essentially a chance-happening, that changed my life. It was sort of like winning the lottery for me.

Nov 7, 4:10PM EST0

Is this what you do full time, or just for extra money?

Nov 7, 3:04PM EST0

Full-time for over a decade.

Nov 7, 4:11PM EST0

Have you got a website?

Nov 7, 3:04PM EST0

Yes, I have two:


Founded in 1999.


Founded this year.

Let me know if this is enough for you? Thanks.

Last edited @ Nov 7, 4:11PM EST.
Nov 7, 4:11PM EST0

Do you currently have any projects in the works?

Nov 7, 12:52PM EST0

Yes, since Blockchain is essentially the future of technology, I just started a new Ethereum project: Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc. It's first-to-market. In short, Titanium is Amazon WebServices, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace, HPE Helion, etc. on a Blockchain platform. Because of the decentralized nature of Ethereum, it will allow Titanium to provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of 99.99999% uptime, and decentralized resources cost far less, so we can do the same thing as the companies mentioned above for about 50% of the price. For example, 1 Terabyte (TB) of storage space on Amazon Web Services (AWS) costs around $40-50. On the Titaneum platform, it will cost $4-5.

Nov 7, 4:16PM EST0

Do you have a blog or website to showcase your work?

Nov 7, 11:33AM EST0

Yes, I have two:


Founded in 1999.


Founded this year.

Let me know if this is enough for you? Thanks.

Nov 7, 4:08PM EST0

Do you need to know web development or programming?

Nov 7, 8:33AM EST0

If you are talking about Blockchain technology, the answer is yes, and you can see my answer below about a good book to read, and a reference to learning Ethereum's coding language, Solidity. There is a sample Smart Contract in my company, Titanium's White Paper that is one page long, and replicates an escrow arrangement. That's right, one page of code that would allow you to buy a car, house, or whatever without the escrow costs. Ethereum, in the fintech area, will essentially annihilate entire industries. Also, I would not want to be a lawyer right now, because Smart Contracts can replace most attorney tasks. Cryptocurrency can do the same thing. Remittances, such as Western Union and Money Gram are on the chopping block, because cryptocurrency is far faster and transaction fees are 1% or less. The international banking system, SWIFT, is also in the crosshairs. Cryptocurrency is much faster with minimal fees, and it's person-to-person technology eliminates the need of involving a bank. In fact, if you have a cryptocurrency account, you have a bank in your pocket. Banking the unbanked is one of the primary goals for mass adoption of cryptocurrency, so that the entire planet can execute monetary transactions.

Nov 7, 10:32AM EST0

What advice would you give to someone just entering this field?

Nov 7, 8:26AM EST0

If you are talking about technology, I would focus on cybersecurity, enterprise management (like EHI) and networking (meaning Cisco). These are your three (3) tactical, short-term solutions. Strategically, however, the Blockchain bulldozer is coming, and it will not be stopped. Regarding Blockchain, it's a matter of when, not if. There are plenty of uses for Blockchain technology, but the obvious star in this area is Ethereum, "The World Computer" and the coming age of Smart Contracts. So, in short, I would get a good book on Ethereum and its coding language, Solidity. Start with a great book on Ethereum, written by Henning Diedrich, available on Amazon. It's quite an eye-opener.

Nov 7, 10:26AM EST0

What do you want for the future of your company?

Nov 7, 5:40AM EST0

I have two companies, EHI and Titanium. For EHI, I just want continued success for it, just like the last seventeen (17) years. Titanium, however, is based on Blockchain technology, and is the future. I see Titanium as "EHI v2.0," in fact. Titanium, in essence is Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace, etc. on the Blockchain platform. Unbeatable!

Nov 7, 10:22AM EST0

Do you solely build online businesses?

Nov 7, 5:21AM EST0

Well, EHI and Titanium are not online businesses. EHI is a professional services consultancy, meaning elite professionals that architect and implement global enterprise management solutions that basically monitor our clients' networks and everything attached to them, to make sure everything is alive and healthy. If our software finds something that's dead, it brings it back to life. If our software finds something sick, it cures it. Titanium is also not e-Commerce. In essence it is RackSpace, HPE Helion, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud Services, etc. on the Ethereum Blockchain platform. This means we can offer the same services as the five (5) companies listed above, with unbeatable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of 99.99999% uptime of all devices, at at least a 50% reduction in cost. Titanium can also leverage all of EHI's existing clients, which are household names like Apple, McDonalds, HP, IBM, etc. and we are first to market, regarding Infrastructure as a Service on Blockchain. You can find out more about EHI and Titanium at the following links:



Nov 7, 10:19AM EST0

What inspired you to get into this industry?

Nov 7, 2:27AM EST0

The failure at being a chicken farmer, indicated below and a "love at first sight" situation with technology, and when introduced to enterprise management software and blockchain, became obsessed. I was also sick and tired of being "land rich and money poor" as my parents and grandparents put it. I saw the future of technology as being very lucrative, and it certainly was.

Nov 7, 10:12AM EST1

What failure did you learn the most from?

Nov 7, 12:35AM EST0

Great question. The answer is a grew up on a farm, and I am a failed farmer and a card-carrying member of Rednecks Anonymous. ;-) I learned that my future would not be in farming very quickly, was fascinated with technology and decided there and then that I would become a technology entrepreneur and live in Hollywood, California, USA, and did just that. I knew what my strategic objective was, and put laser-focus and persistence behind it.

Nov 7, 10:10AM EST0

What part of business do you feel you need improvement in?

Nov 6, 9:30PM EST0

I need to seek group therapy for workaholics. ;-)

Nov 6, 9:55PM EST0

Do you have Facebook?

Nov 6, 8:41PM EST0

It is listed above:



Nov 6, 8:52PM EST0
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