AMA about Suaoki S270: The Portable Charging Station and Solar Generator that offers plenty of ports - and solar charging – for keeping your gadgets juiced while on the go

Yongxiang Hu
Nov 9, 2017

Hi guys, we launched a campaign for Suaoki S270 on Indiegogo

Equipped with 150Wh large battery capacity, Max 150W AC / 15A DC, One fast charge USB port, 3 USB ports, and one solar power input (MC4), S270 can charge a large variety of products, such as laptops, phones, tablets, cameras, drones, small home appliances and more. Charge or power up anything, anywhere for your daily needs.

Now it has attracted 171 backers and pledged more than $30K. 

By clicking this link, you can receive $10 off the regular price on Indiegogo. 

For anything about S270, feel free to let me know.

Find Suaoki on Facebook

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What's the advantages of using it outdoor when it is not handy?

Nov 9, 2:05PM EST0

What is one way a company can improve how their clients think of them?

Nov 9, 9:08AM EST0

How much will it cost to buy one?

Nov 9, 8:56AM EST0

How long would the power last?

Nov 9, 5:57AM EST0

Will be shipping worldwide?

Nov 9, 4:36AM EST0

What do you want others to remember you for after seeing them in a business environment?

Nov 8, 11:44AM EST0

Do you need to know about solor devices?

Nov 8, 11:03AM EST0

Did you go to school for this?

Nov 8, 10:50AM EST0

What changes or advancements have you been a part of enacting at your work?

Nov 8, 3:18AM EST0

What do you wish others at your company were better at?

Nov 8, 3:17AM EST0

What inspired you to get into this industry?

Nov 7, 8:22PM EST0

What make you pursue this line of business?

Nov 7, 3:32PM EST0

What business industry attracts millenials the most?

Nov 7, 3:08PM EST0

Do you have a blog or website to showcase your work?

Nov 7, 12:54PM EST0

What specific area of business do you think is wisest to study right now?

Nov 7, 11:33AM EST0

What has surprised you most about the business you're in?

Nov 7, 9:17AM EST0

Why do you think some businesses flunk after some years of success?

Nov 7, 8:35AM EST0

What business practices have you seen firsthand that were not commendable?

Nov 7, 8:28AM EST0

What should people and especially students keep in mind while getting started on a business project?

Nov 7, 5:24AM EST0

Where are you based out of?

Nov 7, 12:36AM EST0

Is this what you do full time, or just for extra money?

Nov 6, 9:35PM EST0

Do you have Facebook?

Nov 6, 6:33PM EST0

Here's the Suaoki official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/suaokiofficial

You will find the latest updates on the S270 campaign

Nov 6, 8:27PM EST0

What advice would you give to someone just entering this field?

Nov 6, 4:31PM EST0
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