AMA about how to use Animoji like emojis on iPhones 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 8

Feb 8, 2018

We created an App that has characters reading and recognizing your expressions and emulating them. These characters have been specially designed to fit conversation needs. We have been at work on this idea since long before Animoji came out to the world. On conception, the idea was awarded by Google for Entrepreneurs and 10000 Startups. It has also been featured on a couple of dailies. We have polished the idea since then and brought it out with more cool features.

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How much maintenance is required once the app is live and operational?

Feb 9, 5:22AM EST0

How did the idea of creating Animoji app come? Why do you think the world like animojis?

Feb 9, 3:31AM EST0

Are you also planning to develop the Animoji app for Android users in future?

Feb 9, 2:55AM EST0

Do you have competitors in the Animoji market? If so, how is your app different than others?

Feb 8, 8:11PM EST0

Is it a self-funded project or did you receive any funding from a prospective investor?

Feb 8, 4:29PM EST0

How many people have worked on this project so far?

Feb 8, 2:46PM EST0

Where did you get the initial ideas for developing an Animoji app?

Feb 7, 9:16PM EST0

Is there any potential risk to iOS user privacy when using this app?

Feb 7, 7:05PM EST0

What's the most popular feature of your app so far?

Feb 7, 5:04PM EST0

Is the app available now or is its release still pending? What’s the name we can search on the AppStore?

Feb 7, 4:49AM EST0

Does Animoji app use the same hardware as Face ID on iPhones? Is it secure?

Feb 7, 3:41AM EST0

Have you built any other apps?

Feb 7, 3:14AM EST0

What sort of troubleshooting issues did you face while building your app?

Feb 6, 3:12PM EST0

Aside from those you have created, what are some apps from other developers you consider your favorites?

Feb 6, 3:01PM EST0

How is your app different from other apps like Snapchat that seems to be similar?

Feb 6, 1:34PM EST0

What do you think could be more revolutionary than Animoji in future? Are there more scope for creative innovations?

Feb 6, 12:10PM EST0

You mentioned the app has been featured in few dailies as well. Could you please share the link to the articles published on your app?

Feb 6, 12:07PM EST0

What is the most challenging experience you had while building this app?

Feb 6, 11:26AM EST0

What’s the best feedback you got so far when you came out with this app?

Feb 6, 10:37AM EST0

Will this app be available for free or will it come with a fee?

Feb 6, 9:20AM EST0
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