Jun 18, 2018

AMA Brand New Women Founded Tech Startup For Post-delivery Health and Wellness

Laura Arndt: Within the Matriarc newsfeed we pull content from the top sources on motherhood, nutrition, wellness and exercise. We make sure every article is mom-centric and revolving around pregnancy and postpartum, and we add new articles on a daily basis.  We …

Aussie entrepreneur, family man, invested in climate action. Recently launched a self-funded startup called ecoloads - a transport marketplace, and an associated documentary mini-series called 'Moving Stories'. AMA, Ask Me Anything!

Jordan Panos: Any one that is giving it a go =) 
Jun 18, 2018

My name is Karishma Donde & I've been helping technologists effectively communicate their tech stacks, visions, architecture, strategies for over 9 years working for CIOs, SVPs, VP, Chief Architects AMA about creating visually appealing decks, telling stories, translating tech stacks for execs/non-techies

Karishma Donde: 1. Keep your jargon as simplistic as possible.. some verbiage that may be easy for you to understand may not be for others 2. In a presentation: keep animations to a minimum, ensure words on a slide are kept to a minimum, highlight important benefici…
Jun 18, 2018

I have helped over 400 individuals get un-stuck and transition into roles and careers they love. I work with individuals at all stages in their careers to create the transition they want. I’m an expert on leadership and people development, change and performance management. Ask me anything!

CoachVGT: 1. Vision  2. Communication   3. Agility 
Jun 18, 2018

Ask me anything about why you need to proactively manage your digital presence? Your life opportunity set depends on your online reputation.

SameerSomal: Creating positive digital assets and an ongoing Search Engine Optimization  strategy helps  restore an online reputation. Search engines use complicated algorithms. If a negative post cites relevant links and information, it will leapfrog more laudat…

I am a Marketing Strategist & Creative Project Manager, I help entrepreneurs and startups launch and grow with a strong positioning and unique design. Ask me anything!

Priscila Mesquita: Good question! I chose young companies because I wanted to be more creative with lower-budgets, to work with technology, and to create real impact! If I'm able to help a company to be successful, they will come back to me when they grow.  I also love…

chozun 途赞: China, travel, loyalty, blockchain, machine learning and AI all in one. Built from the ground up by leading women in tech, available in 22 countries, ICO launching in July. Ask us anything!

Searching for Search Engine Optimization-AMA.

Sharon Gutowski: I’m based in St. Louis, MO and I love jobs that involve research and collaboration. That lets me be more creative and it’s more fun. Of course the practical side me has to specify that the ideal gig comes with a lot of repeat business.
Jun 14, 2018

From working with the world's top fashion influencer in Milan to building a Travel startup in Chiang Mai, and creating a conscious space in Shanghai, I live an unsettled life, drawing the dots that connect my purpose and the world at large. AMA!

Menghan Wang: We focus solely on useful content that are objective and practical to target, meaning we do not feature "what to see/do" as it's already overly done; no reviews or recommendations as that's personal and not widely applicable. Instead we emphasize on …
Jun 14, 2018

Ask Me Anything: Dr. Sher Downing - EdTech Strategist takes on startups, technology & mentoring partnerships.

Sher Downing: Educational and experience are really important. When you look at many of the startups they begin from ideas of people who have realized first-hand the deficit in their job or career. People who share their experience in blogs and social media contri…

4x Award-Winning Actor AMA - On Creating Your Own Opportunities & Developing An Acting Career Despite Any Obstacle.

Jackie Jorgenson: I think representation is imperative, and still has such a long way to go. Movies like Black Panther, Lady Bird, and Moonlight prove that not only are people turning up for stories about women, the lgbtqia community, and people of colour, but it's ea…

Let's build a better world together with AI and Blockchain! My name is Crystal Stranger and I'm the co-founder of PeaCounts as well as being a tax expert and crypto industry journalist. I'm really concerned about the future with AI and want to help small businesses succeed with easy accounting software solutions and a totally new tokenized payroll system that we are running a token sale for. Ask me anything about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, tax, artificial intelligence, and ICOs!

Crystal Stranger, EA, NTPI Fellow: Well in the long run it will cost you less to take care of it now than to have the IRS come after you in an audit. It can be hard to set the time and money aside for this. At PeaCounts, our mission is to help entrepreneurs just like you with financia…
Jun 14, 2018

This is SM, a tech and business journalist from India. Ask me anything about India, being a journalist here, and being a woman in a man's world that is tech.

SM: There aren't any tools, there are no quick fixes. It has to be an organic process. Not just in journalism, but across industries. Having more women at the decision-making level involves having them climb up the ladder like any other male employee wou…

AMA: a woman in a tech science. How to change your profession without the diploma.

Jagoda Dworniczak: I don't plan to quit IT. I'll don't know what future will bring but if only I manage to, I'd like to become a developer and stay here in tech science.

Standardization of the Aviation Industry with Blockchain Technologies and Prospects of EuruFly ICO. #AMA

Careca Akarue: The proliferation of Blockchain Technology allows for Frequent Flyer Points (FFP’s) to evolve into a cleaner, more dynamic tokenized ecosystem for both the passengers that use them and the carriers that provide them. For clients, EuruFly is able to p…

Ask Me Anything on getting leads in service industry - Accountants, CPA firms, consulting,IT and Saas companies, engineering and other professional services firms who are interested in growing their business.

Raj Ganesan: Jason, Consulting is probably one of the oldest profession. Like surgeons, companies bring consultants only when they need help. Otherwise they are  a pest. The moment you become an authority figure in the industry, you become sought after person who…
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